2017 Forte Front Hoop

2017 KIA Forte Sporty in Style.

The new 2017 KIA Forte a slam dunk for KIA.


The KIA Forte has always been regarded as an advanced vehicle in terms of technology and comfort, and the 2017 model adds stunning design to its every growing resume.

Featuring a new spirited 2.0-litre engine, Android Auto and Smartphone integration, and an Active Safety Package that keeps you and your family safe. With a stylish look, that’s sporty while remaining elegant, the 2017 KIA Forte does it all.


KIA Forte 2017 Sideshot

The 2017 Forte doesn’t play around when it comes to looks. From dynamic front lighting that turns when you turn, to a sharp front design with a touch of sophistication that will make passersby’s glance twice. A world class sprinter can’t win the 100m dash without proper shoes, and neither can the Forte. Now with available 17″ allow wheels that tie the sporty looks all together to win the 100m dash and look great in the process.

The rear end is the trademark of the Forte. Styled with a new bumper and improved stunning taillights, nothing stands out on the street more than a Forte.


KIA Forte Interior

The interior reflects the exterior including the sporty looks. New seating patterns allow a more comfortable commute including an addition of a luxury leather trim that’s not only fashionable but comfortable. Available heated front and rear seats and steering wheel keep you warm throughout those blustery and frigid days while optional cooled front seats, keep you comfortable and cool on the hottest days.

In addition to the steering wheel outlining an array of buttons that host a number of convenient actions, is the Push-Button start. No more fumbling with keys during the winter or rain, and no more fussing with trying to get the key in the hole in the dark, with a press of a button you’re away. Nestled in the ash is an LCD Instrument Cluster that guarantees a great display, night or day.


KIA Forte Steering Wheel

The KIA Forte is packed with technology that doesn’t just make your drive safer and easier but more enjoyable. Drive Mode allows you to drive your way. With Drive Mode adjusting power, transmission and steering to revolve around you and your driving style. The Normal mode is for getting the groceries while the Eco mode optimises fuel efficiency, however, Sport mode is where the KIA Forte shines.

Safety is key in modern cars. The unique elegant design enables fantastic crash protection and enables advanced driving dynamics combined with a smooth ride. The standard Active Safety package comes with numerous life-saving in every KIA Forte including Blind Spot Detection, an active system that helps you stay aware of your surroundings and Autonomous Emergency Braking that minimises front end collisions whenever possible.

The Drive

KIA Forte Front Down

All of these stellar features come together to a create a Forte like never before. Whether you’re taking the kids to school or going for a fast paced afternoon drive, the Forte does it. A lively 2.0 Lire engine pumps out 164 horsepower to ensure an exciting ride. With quick steering and a quiet and comfortable ride, the Forte has featured all of its energy in the right places allowing an enjoyable driving experience.


The new 2017 KIA Forte focus’s on a new fashionable and eye-catching look, inside and out while improving the drivetrain to allow a more potent driving experience. All of this isn’t surprising, as technology, style, and an enjoyable ride is KIA’s forte.

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